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 MICREL Expands Clock and Timing Solutions with Acquisition of PhaseLink

 San Jose, California, March 15, 2012— Micrel, Incorporated (Nasdaq NM: MCRL), an industry leader in analog, high-bandwidth communications and Ethernet IC solutions, today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire a controlling interest in PhaseLink Company Limited, a private company based in Taiwan and Silicon Valley. The acquisition is intended to complement Micrel's high performance clock generation and distribution products for the communication market, as well as expand its offerings into the consumer and industrial markets ... read more

 Leading Edge in Mixed Signal Technology

 PhaseLink is the world leader in high performance Frequency Generation and Signal Conditioning Timing Source ICs for the Communications, Consumer, and Storage Network markets.

PhaseLink has developed many of the world’s ‘first to market’ products, such as Analog Frequency Multipliers (AFM), Industry’s first CMOS ‘balanced oscillator’ with practically no jitter or phase noise deterioration, and PicoPLL, world’s smallest and lowest power programmable clocks, and the world’s first 3-PLL with variable voltage on each output clock.

 Applied Expertise

 Our expertise resides in analog intensive mixed signal integrated circuits for low-jitter and phase noise frequency synthesis, multiplication, and conditioning circuits. Through our proprietary technology, we provide unequalled performance in frequency multiplication for optical, Gigabit Ethernet, and telecommunication networks as well as the world’s smallest foot-print and lowest power programmable clocks. Our constant efforts for improvement, innovation, and simplification have enabled us to deliver the highest quality and reliability products with an affordable price. PhaseLink supplies its products to leading customers through a worldwide organization of independent sales representatives and distributors.

 Flexibility and Methodology

 Through our advanced design, manufacturing, and packaging capabilities, coupled with our responsiveness to shifting market trends and customer demands, we have established a track record of producing high-performance, low-cost products, in an expedited manner. Our design methodology enables rapid prototyping of both standard and custom solutions, available for sampling in just a few days.

Our worldwide manufacturing information system ensures on-time delivery of products to our customers, while maintaining ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certification.

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